How many doctors have your doctor seen lately?

When asking my doctor husband when the last time he saw a doctor was – he simply laughed and made reference to the fact that all of  his colleagues would have the same answer – an eye roll and a groan. They don’t see doctors. No physicals. No check-ups. In fact, my husband who’s dad was also a doctor, grew up never even having a designated family doctor! Crazy, right?

I’m honestly baffled by this as I think if anyone should care the most of their own health, it should be those providing healthcare, no? Maybe I have it wrong. After all, doctors are some of the most unhealthy group of people I know. They don’t sleep properly. Coffee and chocolate bars are considered a meal. They never see daylight. They don’t have time to exercise. They may actually be carriers of all sorts of diseases to which, by now, they are immune. They are exposed to excessive amounts of radiation. Did I mention they don’t sleep?

Coming from a computer science background with some engineering and business chops, I find it extremely useful to see what it’s like on the other side. Being a user of technology helps me as a UX designer design. It gives me a fresh outlook on how to address technical barriers and make the human-computer interaction an even more enjoyable experience!

As a wife, I would probably push my husband to see a doctor anyway! But as CEO of a hospital…would I mandate for all doctors to have a doctor? Does an architect design his own home? Or perhaps a chef cook his own meal?

Either way, I still believe that the more opportunities we have to see things on the other side of the fence, the better we will perform!

(however, it does make me nervous to know that my mortgage broker still rents)

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