TED Eastside Prep

I am so excited to attend this year’s TED EastsidePrep event in Seattle, WA. The theme for this year is The Evolution of Instruction.

The speakers will consist of a diverse of group of leaders, stakeholders and entrepreneurs in the worlds of education, business, technology and cognitive science.

The following question will be explored:

What could education look like in the next 5-20 years? What can be done to optimally craft an engaging, consuming, educational experience?

  • What components are essential to a well-designed human experience?  (in education?, in work?, in life?)
  • How could the educational experience (in school and outside of school) of young people be reimagined to be a more engaging, immersive experience that leads to a desire for lifetime learning? What can schools learn from other areas (business, research, arts, craftsmen, writers, etc.)  to improve their product?

My thoughts:

  • Will online education systems for post-secondary learning, adult learning and the corporate professional learning domain ever replace the instructor-led systems? To what extent could they be streamlined and merged to provide learning? Will the accreditation process be more rigorous or lax?
  • How can collaboration between individuals in a course be supported by evolving social media technologies?
  • How is task-based/action-oriented learning psychology changing the landscape of education systems – how can eLearning support these changes without sacrificing the value of traditional education?
  • Is open courseware the way of the future? Who is leading in this domain?
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