UX + Educational Design in the Mobile World

In order to deliver an effective learning experience (whether in the present or the future, in third-world nations or first-world), the following UX capabilities are required:
1) Capability to extract a good understanding of the culture of the learners
2) Strong ability to architect information is There will forever be a need and even more so for eLearning.
3) Sharp eye for designing a solution utilizing the appropriate educational tools

Yesterday after attending the Moodle Moobile (or as I like to call it MooBile) webinar, it became more apparent how UX will play a role in educational design for the medium of Tablets and smartphones.

a phone inside a book

MooBile allows users to apply an appropriate Mobile-friendly Theme to a course – all aspects of responsive design considered!
MooBile has strengths and flaws like any web application that must adapt to the restricted screen size of a Smart Phone and the interactions that follow. For instance, using quiz technology, glossaries, instant messaging, user forums, folder structures, etc. All aspects have their limitations when it comes to being deployed on a mobile device.

It is apparent that the user experience and educational design fields will be more closely linked in the next few years. Very exciting times!!

Following the seminar, we were also given access to a free open course on mLearning best practices! Accessible on a mobile phone!!

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