EMR – Digital Divide

What’s the Digital Divide all about? And why the need for Cloud Computing? 

The digital divide is based upon the fact that doctors store EMR data about their patients, for the same consult, more than once. They may see them first at the point of care system (in the hospital or office) and second, in their billing system. When they enter data into these systems TWICE, there is double the risk of error. As a result, the physician may fail to bill for many of the billable services they provide.

Cloud computing can alleviate these hurdles as the doctor can store patient data on the same server – despite which facility he or she is entering the data from be it in-patient or out-patient. The use of different servers and different databases is risky, both in terms of information security and patient safety.

The benefits of cloud computing are many. Just a list of the top three:

  1. Cross facility patient census list management
  2. A personal patient database for physicians which is not currently available across facilities
  3. Physician sign-out reports for improved safety during patient hand-offs to the on-call physician.
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