creative scientist in my definition is not a Mad scientist – but rather someone who analyzes evidence to solve problems and further extrapolates this evidence to design solutions.

My name is Jennifer Kong and I think of myself as a creative scientist. To me, ‘Design’ is both an evidence-based and intuitive, artistic process.

Information is everywhere and information channels, multitudinous. To gather this data and simplify it into something understandable is satisfying to me.

Jenn at MMVR 2009

I will be using this small webspace to openly discuss my thoughts on:

  • User Experience (UX) in Technology
  • Technology in UX
  • Interaction Design (IxD): Methodologies and Practice
  • How to organize information (IA)
  • Applications of IA, IxD and UX in healthcare

The last point, applications in healthcare, is where my passion lies. I am excited by the potential for better information management and human-technology interactions in fields such as healthcare, education and public services.

Each of these domains are challenging as they encompass their own complex human, organization and political issues. However, I’ve always tended to believe that things will inevitably change. Technology will always permeate the reluctant old-school, “this is the way it’s done” mentality – eventually.

All it takes is some creative thinking and scientific proof.


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